White Feathers

The mysterious white feather

What am I on about?
You’ve probably seen them around somewhere. They seem to just show up, but does anyone actually know how. I’m not talking about you regular bird feathers that fall from the sky or the ones you see on the ground. I am talking about the delicate, little, soft white feathers that just… well appear. I’ve been told many different stories and ideas about why or where they come from, but none seem to be very definitive, at least yet.

Where do they come from and why do we randomly find them?
Feathers are typically from birds, unless made synthetically in a factory. To my mind, this means that without one owning a feather factory or having birds in your house (either by accident or purpose) surely it seems impossible to have these strange feathers in your house. But alas, here come the possible explanations:
– An angel has visited you
– A product that contains feathers has a rip in it
– They are left by the dust fairies to make a feather duster


Angel theory: Some could argue that a feather appears when you are visited by an angel. This can be any sort of angel, but perhaps, one with white wings. Possibly to offer guidance, wisdom. Demonstration of presence or perhaps, partial proof of a world/or unknown experience beyond what we understand it can only be revealed through something as overlooked as a feather.
To look at this in more depth, we must infer that a being unlike humans is briefly on earth and only leaves a trace of a feather. From another point of view, we could say that a mere feather that has no real value will be unnoticed and therefore not suspected of anything untoward. Consequently, should we question it for not being more inconspicuous, or just because their random appearance alone is peculiar.

Product theory: This suggestion follows Occam’s razor (the simplest explanation is usually the right answer), that it comes loose from a feather-containing product. This implies that the product must be damaged or the calamus (long stick-part of the feather) has managed to pierce a hole to get out of the product. Thus, it doesn’t show a large hole/gape and is a more plausible explanation to how they may escape from such product.
On the other hand, the amount of force it would take to make the feather have enough height and the specific distance to get to their destination, seems to lack credibility from flippant movements. For instance, I have woken to find a feather on my desk, which is approximately 1.5 metres away from anything that could have remotely had a feather in it. Although, the problem with this it that despite feathers weighing next to nothing, the precise trajectories needed would be difficult to achieve when purposefully trying. So, surely an unconscious movement would not be able to cause such an event.

Fairy theory: Finally, there is my own personal favourite, the dust fairies leaving it to imply that the person who finds it needs to make more of an effort with dusting. As such they should use the ‘feather duster’ left behind.
In order for this suggestion to work, we must first assume that the very illusive dust fairies exist and enter the human world to help us when we least expect it. Secondly, that they know through their magical abilities which of us need more ‘feather dusters’, implying that some of us humans are messier than others.

In conclusion, I can only suggest that these feathers are going to remain another one of Earth’s unsolved mysteries, that until proved otherwise, is open to many views and opinions.

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