Twinning It!

Let me just start this off by saying firstly: I am not a twin. I’m no expert on twins, but I do have a sibling, there is a few years between us, so I understand from the perspective siblinghood. Something that has always been a curiosity to me, is what it would be like to have a twin and to be a twin.

Over the course of my time on earth, I have come across many twins, through: work, school and friendships. I like the idea of having a twin, on the basis that you have a best friend, a sibling and someone to play with/annoy (depending on how you want to look at it) from the get go. 

In my opinion, the only downsides would be the constant sharing, always having an almost copy of yourself to be compared to and never getting rid of them because you’ve been together all of your existence. 

Despite this, I’d still think it would be amazing to have someone who is always there no matter what. It would be someone to act as a friend, a sibling, and probably on a few cases someone to slap some sense into me.

Would I be annoyed sometimes? Of course.

Would I annoy them sometimes? Of course.

But would we be there for each other no matter what? Of course. To me, that is something that is truly special; and something that cannot be replicated, as that special connection is made and consolidated.

It’s also important to mention (as a non-twin), that how you treat twins is very important. Namely, that you establish the different relationships that you are going to have with each of them. For instance, 1) you could decide to befriend both, or 2) just to have a deeper and closer relationship with one over the other. 

If you settle on the first option, you must ensure equality between both and that you clearly differentiate the relationships you have with each. I suggest this as it allows for minimal confusion for you are their friends, but it also allows them to be their own person instead of considering them as one.

However, if you adopt the second option, (having a closer relationship with one over the other), then it is vital that you do not completely dismiss their existence as they are a large part of your friend’s life and that the relationship is built of mutual agreement between all parties (both twins and yourself) so that you are all on the same page and know where each other stand.

In sum, pros of twins: always having someone there, constant friend, you will never truly be alone and they will have to share with you. Cons of twins: double trouble – they have a closer bond, one that you (as a non-twin or onlooker) will never understand. As a twin are stuck with them, have to share with them and being the older twin is a major factor in any circumstance as they think they have more authority. Therefore, twins are ultimately special and distinct to each other.

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