Jumping into the World of Work

Hello wonderful people of the world! Thought it would be a good time to write something real and possibly relevant to a lot of young people.

The typical life of a person in the UK is: birth, education, work, (retire) and death. 4 or 5 points in a person’s life, I’m currently wading through the 3rd. However, my journey to where I am now, is considerably different to a lot of people my age. Nowadays, most 18-20-year-olds are often taking the route through university (or college depending on where you’re reading this) to specialise in subjects, and then go into work.

Me? I decided just to dive straight into the workplace and skip the whole uni thing. Yes, I was a complete abomination to the sixth form I joined because I didn’t want to go to uni! I know the horror of it! How dare I: not want to go into sizable debt, be forever paying for it, never use the thing I studied and then be stuck back in square one… Now, I know that this really isn’t the correct view to have – as my sixth form stressed, but it’s mine and we can all agree to disagree.

I’d just like to say that I’m not against the university route for everyone, this view is subjective to me personally. I know that there are lots of brilliant people in the world who have used university as a springboard into their dream career; or gained priceless experience just by going out and being solely responsible for their learning, or even just enjoyed it for the fun of it. 

My main problem is situated, where schools and colleges refuse an application of a student because they do not wish to go to university because it doesn’t do well for their prospectus. My future or anyone else’s for that matter, should not be limited by that fact that it wouldn’t look good on a spreadsheet.

The world contains all kinds of smart people, academics, dramatics and anything’s. Why should we be so focussed on pursuing all students to be academics? I may want to become an actor; I may have a degree in Biochemistry but how is that realistically going to help me play Romeo fighting Tybalt – I don’t think bringing a test tube to a sword fight, would be historically accurate or useful – but who am I to judge? 

The point I’m getting at is, regardless of future aspirations, no one should be restricted into the life route that they want to pursue. The jump I made going from a strict education system into the workplace was something of a shock to the system no questions about that. But it was something I needed, something that felt that I had a purpose for, it wasn’t just something to keep ticking over. I was doing something with my life and I had results every day. There was no waiting around for 3 years to get approval that I could do something; instead I could showcase my skills I had and learn new ones. Not only that, but I learned more about myself and what possibilities I had in the world. Sixth form and schools restricted us, so that we could only learn certain things; and although I’ve only been in the workplace 17 months, I’ve seen more snapshots of the world that I ever thought possible. 

You can either stay in routine or break tradition and try something new, which was exactly what I did – and I definitely don’t regret it!

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