Educational Jokes to Impress Teachers

Do you ever feel like school is just really boring, and sometimes you zone out and cannot recall much of what the teacher has just said? I have the solution, tell them a joke that is relevant to their subject which is both educational and humourous to impress and prove to them that you’ve been paying attention in their class… (sort of!).

Science: Did you hear that oxygen and magnesium were going out? I was like OMg!

Geography: Which rope is the biggest in the world? Europe

English: Knock, knock! Who’s there? Doctor. Doctor who? Doctor whom!

Food Technology: When did the loaf of bread rise? YEASTerday

Drama: Why did the live band stand at the back of the stage, behind the actor making a racket? They were upstaging him.

Mathematics: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9

Geography: What are the capitals of Great Britain? G and B

Psychology: Teacher – Anyone know who Pavlov was famous for? Student – Pavlov… that name rings a bell.

French: Why shouldn’t you eat the French fish? It’s poisson!

Computer Science: Why didn’t the computer go to the dentist? Because computer said no.

History: Where was the Magna Carta signed? At the bottom

Music: Who is the warmest between a scientist, a musician and a historian? The musician, as they could increase their tempo-rature.

English: Teacher – Can you tell me the longest sentence you can think of? Student – Life imprisonment.

Philosophy: Teacher – You failed the test. Student – I tried, but its no my fault if I’m pre-determined to fail.

Science: I was reading a book on helium, the only problem was I couldn’t put it down.

Physical Education: Why is a football pitch always wet? Because the players are always dribbling.

Art: Why did the artist never tidy their room? Because its abstractly clean.

Spanish: What were the Spanish firefighter brothers called? Hose A and Hose B.

Design Technology: Teacher – Why haven’t you written anything down for you brief and specification for your project? Student – Well, I wasn’t sure how to be specific and brief at the same time.

English: After reading Hamlet, the teacher stood at the front looking at the question paper; eventually they asked: ‘2B or not 2B?’

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