Dramatic Monologue #2

Wait for it… wait for it… NOW! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

Nathan rolls over without opening his eyes, flailing his arm around trying to slap me on the head to shut me up.



Missed! Oh, come on Nathan, open your eyes, you’re not even trying! I’m still screaming of course, until he gets me, that is what I’ll continue to do. Finally! One eye open, and OUCH! Yep, right on the top of my head. At least he’s awake now.

He tumbles out of bed, gets ready for his day whilst I draw circles with my arms counting down until he had to leave. It’s so fun provoking him! He knows I should wake him up earlier, but I’m there when he turns his lights off late at night, and so he probably needs a few extra minutes – or should I say an extra HOUR in bed every morning.

I don’t know what he gets up to on that phone, but it must have something to do with that strange girl he keeps bringing back. All he and that red-head do, is just talk and then he goes all giggly. It’s so weird, and it means he stops looking at me as much which is: so not cool!

It’s such a shame, we’ve been together for years. I don’t understand why he has to see different people though, I thought he enjoyed looking at me whilst he did his homework on the same skateboard duvet set every night. He was always such a good friend, he would always smile at me when he knew it is was time for dinner, or if he knew he would be able to go out with his mates – I guess you could say that I just liked him to notice me a bit more.

Nevertheless, it’s not fair! This ginger girl sees bits of Nathan’s room that I’m not even allowed to face. It’s not fair that I have to point with my hands to numbers all day, and I only ever get second-hand glances. Urgh! I really need to find a new job…

Perhaps, I would have been better to be Nathan’s brother, or his skateboard… or even that stupid, Nathan-stealing girl! Anything would be better than… than… this!

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m just slowing down. Maybe I’m just out of time. I don’t know. I have been right for so long, it’s just weird. You never know, if things get really bad, I may be right. It may just only be twice a day though.

Oh well! ‘Tick, tock’ said the clock!

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