1 Picture, 1 Story, 400 Words #1

As this is the first instalment of (hopefully) many, I will be writing snippets of stories based on a single picture. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments or if you’d like me to do specific photos in the future. Here we go, #1:

It’s been a long day, although the light is getting shorter, the days are still long. Those tall things stop getting taller eventually and occasionally they fall down but it’s been years since that happened last. It’s usually people that come and chop them down, even when there’s life pumping through the veins and on the veins of that tree. 

It seems to always be that the closer you get, the more you see; and yet, can we really see the bigger picture when we’re that close? Or perhaps the true beauty is seen from a greater distance.

Taking a few steps forward, you brush pass the dark, overhanging leaves that cling and latch on to you. As you do, their colour is revealed, it’s an ombre of green. With dark melting into light, the veins providing a constant flow of colour and the occasional shimmer in the wind as the snail trail glistens. The gentle soft breeze zigzags between the strong standing sticks, the sea of green shapes flutter to mimic a passing butterfly.

It’s tempting to go further, however the rising red stalks in front protecting what is behind, it reduces any and all misadventures. The red stalks stand proudly as they create a barrier around their magnificent friend. Although some have not yet lived long enough to be tall, they still complete their task that has been set for them and bare a silent witness to the great spectacle that only the breeze can touch.

In the distance, giant pockets of light flood the area with vibrant colours, other times the green palace closes those doors and keeps those sparks of light hidden. Off the ground, and away from the soldiers, a silent soaring beast sits aloft along a brown outstretched perch. Perhaps, the view from there is as much the same, or perhaps you can admire it differently from up there. Nevertheless, after adjusting its feet and a sudden expansion of itself and it glides away sweeping pass the mighty being in the middle.

The tall thing, the enormous, the magnificent, the giant, the spectacle climbs above all the it surrounds. With the tips of green touching the glowing light and specs scattering onto its green coat, it holds a certain power being so tall. Its arms twist and turn, and yet it is still, with only a breeze to sway it from day to day.

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